Private instruction is a fun way to get an accelerated and focused approach to your instrument. 

We offer lessons for kids and adults on a wide variety of instruments ranging from beginner to advanced. Lessons are one hour in length for ages 8+ and 30 minutes for under eight. Schedule a lesson Monday - Friday.

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Our instructors teach guitar in a range of styles from ages eight to adult. Whether it is learning a song in a rock, blues, country or pop style, improvising over jazz changes, writing your own songs or learning how to read music, it's all possible on electric or acoustic. Guitar can be a great starting instrument but children under seven are recommended to try ukulele first.



Our piano lessons are designed to combine the best of both worlds so you can stay motivated and inspired. You can expect instruction on anything from learning your favorite song, playing by ear, reading music, or writing songs and basic music theory. Every lesson is specific to you. Piano is a very visual instrument and one of the easiest instruments to start with. We teach beginner to intermediate levels ages five to adult.




Drum lessons are taught in a dual drumset style in our large rehearsal room. We teach beginner to advanced drumming ages eight to adult. Whether it's beginning four on the floor, advanced rock drumming or jazz drum lessons we can match you with the right teacher for your style.



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We teach electric bass at the Underground in most popular styles from ages 8 to adult. Learn how to lay down the foundation of your favorite song or learn extended techniques like double thumb and harmonics. 



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Some of the more difficult instruments to pick up but also some of the more rewarding. We offer beginning instruction on flute and clarinet. Beginner to advanced for saxophone players. Learning how to read music is recommended for beginners. For students in a school concert band, our teachers can help them with current pieces and techniques being taught in class. Jazz instruction and improvisation is also available.




Learn correct breathing and posture techniques combined with warm ups so you don’t damage your vocal chords. Voice lessons usually include a small amount of piano work so that you can fully understand what you are singing. We recommend voice lessons for students no younger than ten years old.